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Bésame FM Radio en vivo

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Bésame FM is a popular radio station based in the bustling city of Quito, Ecuador. With a primary focus on romantic music and ballads, Bésame FM offers an extensive collection of the most popular Latin love songs from the past and present. Its broadcasting area includes most regions of Ecuador, where it enjoys a loyal following of listeners who are fond of the station's signature romantic tunes.

The schedule of Bésame FM features a range of popular programs, including "Bésame al Despertar" in the morning, "Bésame en el Trabajo" during the day and "Bésame en la Noche" in the evening. Special music programs, such as "La Hora del Amor" and "Sábado de Bésame," provide a unique blend of music, love messages, and community news.

Overall, Bésame FM offers a perfect listening experience for the diehard fans of romantic and love songs across Ecuador. Listeners can also find more information and updates about the station's programs and events on their website at https://romanticabesamefm.blogspot.com/.
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