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Turbo Radio 93.9 Radio en vivo

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Turbo Radio 93.9 is an Ecuadorian radio station based in Quito. It serves the entire metropolitan area of the city, providing quality programming that caters to a diversity of audience. The channel features an array of shows that keep its listeners entertained all day long. Some of the notable programs include "Turbo Morning Show", "Turbo Music", and "Turbo Sports".

The "Turbo Morning Show" is the flagship show of the station and it runs from Monday to Friday. It features a great mix of music, news, and entertaining banter that helps listeners start their day with a smile. "Turbo Music" is another popular show that runs for several hours every day. It features a wide range of music genres, from rock and pop to Latin and tropical sounds. "Turbo Sports" is the channel's dedicated sports show that covers local and international sporting events.

Turbo Radio 93.9's website, https://turboimparable.com/, is a great resource for listeners to stay up-to-date with the latest news and events hosted by the station.
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Escuchar Turbo Radio 93.9 en la app radio.net
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